See Selena Gomez’s BOLD Statement Tee After Justin Bieber’s Engagement News

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Ever since news of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin‘s engagement broke, tabloids and fans alike were eager to hear Selena Gomez‘s reaction. After all, between all of the Jelena history and the fact that Sel and the Biebs “went on a break” that turned into a full-on break-up back in March, Jailey’s sudden engagement has GOT to sting.

Although we’re all waiting for a juicy response, it seems that overall, Selena has 100 percent moved on and could not care less about Justin’s sudden engagement. HOWEVER, some outlets and fans believe otherwise and are actually insinuating that the “Back To You” singer threw major shade with a cryptic yet fashionable statement. Three days after the news of Jailey’s engagement broke, Selena was spotted wearing a casual black T-shirt with the words “Only the strong survive” written on its front pocket. Sel completed the look with grey sweatpants, white sneakers, over-sized sunglasses and a huge smile.

So, is there something behind the “Only the strong survive” message on SelGo’s tee? It could be her version of the #SelenaisFreeParty sentiment, which Selenators used to celebrate the fact that the Jailey engagement news means Selena and Justin’s up-and-down, back-and-forth, on-and-off relationship is officially done once and for all. The phrase could also be a nod to the fact that she’s a strong, independent woman who has gone through so much craziness life threw at her and still survived.

Or it could just be a black T-shirt with a cool and very sound message? But hey, where’s the fun in believing that? Anyway, a bunch of fans are taking Sel’s not-so-subtle T-shirt as a sign that she is THRIVING and is super unbothered by everything that’s going on with her ex at the moment.

We think it’s safe to assume that both Selly G and the Biebs are both officially moving on for good and you know what? Good for them.