Ranking Selena Gomez’s Music Videos from Sweet to Sexy!

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Selena Gomez has some of the best music videos in the business. Her videos are always fun, entertaining to watch, and visually stunning. Selena's definitely grown up over the years and because of that her style has changed as well. Her music has matured and there's a little more edge to the lyrics on Selena's new album, Stars Dance. Her songs have definitely gone from cute and sweet to powerful and sassy.

With that change in tone has come a change in her music videos as well. In her most recent videos her look is more sexy and sophisticated as she embraces her 21-year-old self. Now, we wanted to go back and look at all of Selena's videos to see the evolution of her music video style. We gathered up 10 of Selena's videos and ranked them from sweet to sassy. Check out our list below and tell us, which Selena video is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

1. The video for "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" shows us the early days of Selena Gomez! How cute does she look showing off her dance skills in this video?

2. In "Naturally" we love Selena's style in this video. Her cute black dress and necklace in the opening shot? Adorable. We also love her shorter hair in this vid!

3. In "Round & Round" Selena goes undercover in this video and does an amazing job running in heels. How much do you want her sunglasses from this video?

4. In "A Year Without Rain" Selena takes us to the desert in this video. She steps up her style game by wearing an amazing long dress and smoky eye makeup.

5. For the "Who Says" video Selena sends a great message. She's looking elegant and beautiful while spreading a very positive message.

6. In "Love You Like A Love Song" Selena definitely edges up her style. We love everything in this futuristic video from her hair to her makeup. This is when we start seeing a more sassy side of Selena.

7. The "Hit The Lights" video is a fun one! Selena looks like she's having a great time and this video makes us want to go on an adventure with our friends!

8. The "Come & Get It" is stunning. This is Selena Gomez as her best! She looks gorgeous and the scenery in the background is breathtaking.

9. The "Slow Down" is on another level of awesome. How amazing does Selena look in this video? Plus, how much does it make you want to go to Paris?!

10. The "Birthday" video is technically not an official music video, BUT Selena did upload it to her YouTube page on her birthday. This video just makes us want to be her best friend. Selena looks so stylish and it seems like she's having the best time ever!

Which Selena style do you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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