You Literally Won’t Believe the Disturbing Thing Fans Did to Selena Gomez

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We can’t believe it. After months of talking about the dirty tweets fans send various celebrities, we have yet to discuss those that Selenators write to Selena Gomez! And, as we’ve seen many times before, the 23-year-old actress’ supporters go hard at all times.

To see what some of Sel’s biggest enthusiasts have tweeted to the “Hands To Myself” singer, or maybe to reflect on some of the ish you’ve written, keep reading!

1. Sounds like ‘high key’ to us…

2. Really?

3. Thanks for this info!

4. Her dancers do other things, too, though!

5. *covers eyes*

6. WTF!?

7. Does she, though?

8. EWWW!

9. Ummmm….

10. Why would you want this to happen to her?!

11. This is…a lot.

12. Literally nothing about this sounds enjoyable.

13. Interesting…

14. Def an accomplishment:

15. This isn’t even physically possible.

16. Oh, okay.

17. Thanks for the info!


19. Is this a compliment?

20. No thanks.

21. Doubtful.

22. NOPE!

23. KK.

24. Definitely not gonna happen.

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