Selena Gomez Sends Demi Lovato the Sweetest Note About Her Documentary

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Selena Gomez showed her support for Demi Lovato following the release of Demi’s documentary, Simply Complicated, proving that are simply NO complications between them. True friendship seriously looks good on these two.

For the duration of their careers, it’s no mystery that both Demi and Selena have had to put in effort to keep things civil and make things work. But if you really think about it, what friendship hasn’t had complications at one point or another?

Following their career kick-off on Barney & Friends, and later Disney Channel, the two went their separate ways (which is not a crime, by the way!) and have since been on a roller coaster of a friendship only to come back stronger than ever before. It’s crucial moments like Selena’s kidney transplant and the release of Demi’s emotional documentary, Simply Complicated, when you just need the support of one of your oldest best friends, and that’s exactly what Selena did.

In an Instagram post Demi shared featuring a clip of her documentary, many fans were quick to point out (and, of course, screenshot) a few of the sweetest comments left by Selena:

But let’s not forget that Demi did the same following Sel’s surgery, telling People magazine, “I think that she is a very strong woman. I’m very happy and proud of her.”

Naturally, many fans have freaked out upon seeing these two on good terms again, more recently tweeted about Selena’s comments on Demi’s Instagram:

But one fan gave some good insight into the constant ‘alleged’ feud that the media has painted between these two, suggesting that the fan bases are the root of all the problems:

Let’s just hope that if Selena and Demi can make amends on their own terms, their fans can do it, too.