Selena Gomez Joins the Cast of ‘Rudderless’

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Selena Gomez sure is keeping herself busy! In addition to film projects such as Spring Breakers and Getaway, as well as her new single “Come and Get It” dropping on April 8, Selena has lined up yet another role on the big screen. Deadline is reporting that Selena has joined the cast of Rudderless.

So, what’s the movie all about? According to Deadline it’s a “a musical drama about a grieving father who forms a band after finding his deceased son’s songs.” Others in the cast include William H. Macy (who wrote and will direct the film), Billy Crudup, Laurence Fishburne,and Like Crazy star Anton Yelchin. The movie will begin shooting in Oklahoma this month.

A movie that combines singing and acting? Looks like this is the best of both worlds for Selena! Although, there’s no official word on whether she’ll be singing or not, we have a feeling she’ll be showing off her vocal chops.

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