Selena Gomez Wants Taylor Swift to Collaborate with Her on Her Next Album

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Looks like we can kiss Selena Gomez‘s “all-American girl” image goodbye indefinitely. Not only is she picking more risque movie roles — like playing a robber in Spring Breakers — but she now admits that she wants her music to reflect an older image as well. (After all, she isn’t a teenager anymore.)

But before she revealed her dream collaboration to MTV News while promoting her self-titled fragrance, she first stated that since she wrapped up filming three flicks this year, she wants to go back to the music scene, and is heading back to the studio very soon:

“I finished three movies this year, so I’m very happy about that, because it’s exactly what I wanted: I wanted to do film for a little bit. But I am missing music, so we’re going to start on the fourth record at the end of this year.”

She then admitted to her dream duet partner — besides fun. for their “different” style — who just so happens to be real-life best friend, Taylor Swift:

“I want to work with Taylor [Swift]. I just want to do different things for this album. By the time it comes out, I’ll almost be 21, so I want to be able to — I want it to be older.”

Watch what happened when she last collaborated with Taylor — at Madison Square Garden!

Who would you like to hear Selena collaborate with? Think she and Taylor make a great duo? And do you prefer Selena as an actress or a singer?

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