People Slam Selena Gomez for Support of March for Our Lives & Not #BLM

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March 24, 2018 is going to be a day we remember forever. March for Our Lives was a student-led demonstration that took place in Washington D.C. (and had over 800 sibling events occur around the world) on that now-infamous date in response to the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that happened in February.

Tons of celebrities, including Bella Thorne, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, showed up at one of the many rallies to lend their support, and some others who couldn’t attend still supported the movement. Selena Gomez is usually one to stay silent on political issues, but decided to not only speak out about the need to end gun violence, but also attend the march in Los Angeles.

She wrote on Instagram, “I don’t want this to just be an Instagram post anymore. PLEASE. ENOUGH. These people, families and CHILDREN have suffered enough. Today we march for our lives. I’m going to continue to trust god with the future and also play my part in bringing change. #marchforourlives #notjustahashtag”

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The 25-year-old’s involvement was praised by many people, but some couldn’t help but notice the odd parallel between her posts on IG over the weekend and her lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement in July 2016.

She literally questioned the importance of using hashtags back then and now she straight-up said “#notjustahashtag.” Is this just a coincidence, or is this SelGo’s way of ~responding~ to the criticism she faced almost two years ago. Many are leaning toward the latter and calling her a hypocrite for supporting #MarchForOurLives but not #BLM.

All we can hope is that Selena learned from her past mistakes.