The Internet is Going CRAZY Over This Selena Gomez Lookalike

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Many can argue that there’s nothing better than being alive during the same lifetime as Selena Gomez, but there is… and that’s being alive while there are TWO Selenas in the world.

No, we’re not being ~bad liars~ (completely)… It’s just that the Internet has found an almost identical lookalike to the 25-year-old singer and now everyone is questioning if Sel has a long-lost twin!

The person in question? Sofia Solares, of Mexico. The people of the web recently stumbled onto the 22-year-old’s Instagram account and it’s safe to say that everyone is SHOOK. No one, and we mean NO ONE, can seem to get over how much the Instagrammer looks like a carbon copy of SelGo and, honestly, we can’t either.

Seriously, can you even tell the difference between the two?

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While the “Fetish” singer has yet to make any comment on her latest doppelganger — ’cause, let us tell you, she has many — Sofia told E! News that she would literally cry happy tears if the popstar ever acknowledges her.

“I love Selena Gomez and I declare myself a fan of her,” Sofia said in a translated message, “and, of course, it would be a dream to know that she knows of my existence and will devote a few seconds to write me something! I would cry with happiness.”

Girl, we’re right there with ya!

It’s safe to say that, since this discovery, the comparisons between Selena and Sofia won’t be dying down any time soon. But the 22-year-old wants everyone to know that, while the comparisons and compliments are very flattering, she doesn’t plan on getting lost in the chaos anytime soon.

“I always try to be myself,” Sofia said. “I say it’s okay to look like her, but I do not want to lose myself for trying to be someone I’m not.”

Sounds like this chica has a good head on her shoulders and we’re pretty sure Selena would be proud.