The Click: Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Still Dating?

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Looks like it! Selieber saw No Strings Attached, which prompted the paps to ask them if there are strings attached to their relationship. Ha! [4TZ]

Never say you’re not going to see Biebs’ Never Say Never, because this exclusive preview is incred! [JSYK]

Hailee Steinfeld chats with Jimmy Kimmel about Oscars noms, Twitter, and — what else? — Justin Bieber. [JustJaredJr.]

Lady Gaga released the lyrics to her new song Born That Way. More importantly? Kurt, Blaine, and Karofsky are going to cover it on Glee! [Wetpaint]

Jennifer Stone loves eating peanut butter with chocolate and wearing gypsy skirts with pearls. And we love her! [Teen Vogue]

Celebs flock to Sundance Film Festival, and we’re more interested in the fashion than the films. Typical. [College Candy]

Speaking of Sundance, Kay Panabaker dishes on her upcoming indie flick, also starring Kate Bosworth! [Hollywire]

Lo Bosworth gives us the lowdown on her book called, approps enough, The Lo Down. [Seventeen]

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