All the Times Selena Gomez Savagely Dissed Justin Bieber

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Although it’s a bit hard to remember now, there was a time that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were young Hollywood’s cutest couple and fans were convinced that somehow, someway those two crazy kids would make it work. Although the pair originally broke it off in August 2012, they continued to be on-again/off-again for months following. With all the highs and lows of Jelena’s roller coaster of a relationship, it’s not shocking that the parties involved sometimes let emotions take over.

We all know that The Biebs is known for his hot temper and WTF-inducing comments, but Selena isn’t necessarily innocent, often firing rude comments about her ex in public. TBH, when celebrities are dealing with something so personal and yet still must navigate life in the public-eye, we can’t really blame them for sometimes losing their cool. Some former Disney Stars get their kicks railing on their DCdays, but it seems the brunette is quite satisfied simply shading her former bae! Sel doesn’t always “Kill ’em with Kindness,” does she?