5 Reasons Selena May Be Itching to Ditch Justin

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Not to be a glass-half-empty kind of girl, but am I the only one who senses that there’s a little trouble in paradise for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Hopefully it’s just my over active imagination (one time I stayed away all night, gripped with terror, because I was convinced that I could hear a spider crawling across the floor towards me) but I get the feeling that Selena may be wanting to move on from JB. Yes, I love Jelena Ni, but I can’t help how I feel, you guys! And here’s why:

1. She’s Not Proud to Be His GF Anymore
Selena hasn’t exactly been overly gushy about her love for Justin, but now she’s not even staying mum. I heard her tell Ryan Seacrest that being forced to kiss JB on the jumbo-tron at a recent Lakers game was “humiliating” and one of the worst moments of her life. Really Selena? Kissing Justin Bieber was unbearable? Could this harmless little comment be just that? Or is it a peek into the mind of a restless girlfriend?

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2. Her Career is Taking Off
Sure, Selena was already pretty famous pre-Bieber, but since being his GF, she’s become the A-list teen on the scene and finally getting the attention she deserves! Now that her star is firmly on the rise, does she really need Justin’s help? We all know how she was with all her other boyfriends


3. She Can Have Her Choice of Boys
During her relaysh with Justin, she’s morphed from a cute little teen to a stunning young woman. And guys are noticing! I hear that Niall Horan from One Direction made a huge play for her, giving her his number and asking her out — right in front of Justin! Even worse? Sel didn’t exactly seem to mind…


4. Swaggy Isn’t Her Style
As Selena expands into movies and more grown-up songs, I feel like Sel’s getting annoyed over Justin’s “immature” look and behavior. “Swag life” is so not Sel’s style. Do you think she’ll ditch him for a manlier man?


5. She Hates Scandal
There’s a reason Selena hasn’t been on any tabloid covers yet — she’s a super good girl! No skeletons in this chick’s couture-filled closet. But Justin, on the other hand, has had his fair share of bad press thanks to last year’s ugly Mariah Yeater paternity mess. As Sel tries to grow her career, will Justin’s media messes drag her down?


What do you guys think about JB and SG’s romance? Are they a teenage dream for the long haul or is she feeling like it’s become a nightmare? Do you think they’ll last forever?

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