James Franco Just Admitted to Having Sex with Selena Gomez!

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This is not an April Fool’s joke, guys — James Franco just admitted to having sex with Selena Gomez at some unknown point in time! Okay, he didn’t say the words exactly, but he owned up to having a baby with her, and the only way to have a baby with someone — apart from adoption and surrogacy and whatnot — is by having sex. Ergo, he admitted it.

Here’s what he said on Instagram:

Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

Spring Breakers was released in March 2013, so if their child was born then, that means that the co-stars got together around June 2012… when she was still dating Justin Bieber! WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD?!

In case you didn’t understand the jokes and the sarcasm, this was clearly all false. The picture of Selena on James’ Instagram is from the set of their new film, In Dubious Battle, which the actor is starring in and directing. Selena’s character just so happens to have a baby, hence the photo. The flick also features Josh Hutcherson, Nat Wolff, Bryan Cranston, Keegan Allen, Analeigh Tipton and Ashley Greene, so you can expect all sorts of greatness.

Admit it, you were fooled for a hot sec.

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