Selena Gomez Absolutely Slays Her First Movie Red Carpet in Two Years

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It’s been roughly two years since Selena Gomez walked a movie red carpet, and it’s honestly felt like forever. We last saw Sel at the premiere for The Fundamentals of Caregiving in 2016, but this year’s Hotel Transylvania 3 allowed us to be graced with her presence, and we are eternally grateful. It’s seriously so good to see you again, Sel!

In a matching Oscar de la Renta two-piece, the 25-year-old singer looked like total summer perfection. SelGo accessorized the look with high-heeled sandals and some Tiffany & Co. jewels. The “Back To You” crooner opted to tie her hair back and completed her look with subtle glam. Her entire ensemble was just so cute and we’re all about it. The theme of the afternoon premiere was tropical, and SG did NOT disappoint.

The star has voiced the role of Mavis for all the three Hotel Transylvania films (though, it was OG supposed to be Miley Cyrus), and even though the third has yet to make its debut in theaters, there’s already talk of a fourth installment. Talk about a busy movie career!

Although Sel was busy at her own movie premiere, she still managed to make her voice heard in regards to the Families Belong Together march that was happening nearby. On the topic of the current immigration issues and separation of families at the US-Mexico border, Selena told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s extremely disheartening. There’s a lot of confusion and anger.”

Selena is Mexican-American and is from Texas, so these issues have definitely hit close to home. The singer went on to say, “It’s definitely been affecting so many people who are close to me.” It’s so great to see Selena speak out about these issues, and it’s honestly just so great to see her on a red carpet once again!