Listen Up! Selena Gomez’s Next (Soon-to-Be) Hit Single Will Be…

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Selena GomezWell, that guessing game didn’t take long. After briefly mentioning on Twitter that she was on the set of her newest music vid (peep the pic to the left!), Selena Gomez wanted her fans to take a stab at what her next single would be off of her album, When the Sun Goes Down. And after the incredible success of “Love You Like A Love Song,” her next track had to be a good one.

Selenators must’ve guessed correctly because her next track’s been announced! And Selena’s next single is…

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“Hit the Lights!” Good choice? Get a listen and tell us what you think!

WDYT? Was “Hit the Lights” the best choice for Sel? Which song off of When the Sun Goes Down is your fave? Spill what you’re thinking here.