Wha-?! Selena Gomez Says She “Was Going Through Leukemia” While in Rehab

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It’s been over two years since Selena Gomez‘s shocking two-week stint in rehab, but, sadly, the 23-year-old can’t escape the questions regarding its effect on her life. And it looks like that’s going to continue, as she revealed yet another shocking twist.

In an emotion-driven interview with GQ, the “Hands to Myself” singer was fuming when the interviewer attempted to talk about her stay at a rehabilitation center, which people originally speculated was due to exhaustion… or substance abuse. She exclaimed, “No, no, no, no, no. First off, this is something that everyone always wants to fixate on. I got diagnosed with lupus. My mom had a very public miscarriage. So I had to cancel my tour. I needed time to just be okay.” The kicker: “And I was going through leukemia.”

While the writer of the piece hypothesizes that Selena meant chemotherapy rather than cancer, Selena never clarifies. Instead, she continues, “and I went to two different locations for those treatments. It’s really frustrating, because I am 100 percent allowed to have that, but I think people just want to have some sort of —”

“I understand what you’re asking,” she says. “But I’m just saying, I don’t think it really matters. My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out.”

Again, her statement could’ve been a slip of the tongue, a moment of confusion or what have you, but those words didn’t escape the grasp of the public:

Hopefully, it was, indeed, a mistake, and not another burden the former Disney Channel star needed to suffer through.


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