Selena Gomez Admits to Girls’ Life: Loving Biebs is “Hard But So Wonderful!”

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Girls' Life

Every time we read a new interview with Selena Gomez, we love her more and more. And even though she talks about loving Justin Bieber in her interview with Girls’ Life mag, we’re gonna let it slide. Especially since she talked about having to say goodbye to Wizards of Waverly Place in the cutest way possible.

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On the end of Wizards of Waverly Place: “I just tried to take everything in. I cried so much. The whole crew on that show has played a huge part in my life. They all watched me grow up and helped raise me in different ways. I feel like I’m still the girl from Texas that moved to L.A., just older and a little bit wiser.”

On love: “Love is beautiful. It’s hard but so wonderful.You should enjoy it and make sure the person betters you. I’ve been told I keep my heart guarded. My advice is to have fun and to be prepared for anything.”

On dealing with Internet hate: “There are worse things than someone disliking you and people on the Internet saying this or that, but I can’t lie. It hurts. I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. I don’t like it in general. It’s vicious. Every choice that I make when it comes to my personal life, my films or my music, I always say, ‘Would my fans be proud of that?’ If I did something to kind of upset them, it would really crush me.”

For more of this interview, you can pick up your copy of Girl’s Life August/September 2011 issue on July 19! What do you think of Sel’s cover? And the interview? Sound off in the comments!