Check Out New Stills From Selena Gomez’s Latest Movie ‘Getaway’!

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Dark Castle

Selena Gomez sure is busy! In addition to starring in Spring Breakers (hitting theaters in March 2013) and currently filming a Wizards of Waverly Place special (airing early 2013), she will also appear in Getaway, and we’re finally getting a sneak peek at the suspenseful flick.

Some new stills of Selena and her co-star Ethan Hawke were just released, and while it doesn’t reveal too much, we do like seeing her take on a new, different kind of role! The film centers on a man (played by Ethan) who must save his kidnapped wife, and Selena plays a computer hacker who might be able to help him.

Getaway should hit theaters on August 30, 2013. It might be a long time to wait, but hopefully these photos will hold you over for a little bit — at least until the trailer comes out!

Dark Castle

Dark Castle

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