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Selena Gomez’ Fans are Convinced the “Fetish” Music Video’s Being Sabotaged

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Selenators are OUTRAGED over Selena Gomez‘s new music video for “Fetish” not getting the credit it deserves, so could there really be someone behind the rumored sabotage? The answer to that question is still unclear, but leave it to Selena’s loyal and dedicated fanbase to gather up the cold hard evidence.

Sel’s brand-new music video for her single, “Fetish,” may have generated its share of buzz this week due to the video’s bizarre, horror story-esque vibes, but now, fans have gone into an even bigger frenzy after multiple conspiracy theories have developed in regard to the track being sabotaged by its multiple music streaming services, along with YouTube.

For starters, it doesn’t help that the word “fetish” alone is a restricted word on social media, which means that it is unable to trend. One fan even went as far to jot down a list of ‘issues’ that arose via YouTube and the streaming services, which ironically all occurred around the same time of the video’s release.

Along with its inability to trend, the list also included a glitch in iTunes where the song was unable to be purchased, Selena’s Spotify being hacked, to which her song was listed off of an album called Storm by Jenny Duncan(?), and a 5-hour glitch on YouTube, claiming that the video only received about 1.5 million views in that time although the music video generated around 500K views in the first 30 minutes alone.

The Twitter user also pointed out that the music video was nowhere to be found in many subscribers’ YouTube recommendations after being watched multiple times, as well as when Googling “Selena Gomez Fetish wiki” — no sign of such Wikipedia article was to be found.

Selenators have come to the 25-year-old’s defense, tweeting their distaste for such sabotage, while even getting her record label in on the action:

It’s really just simple math (that isn’t adding up) at this point, and as we’ve all learned from Katy Perry, receipts are EVERYTHING. Swish swish, bish…