Why Some Fans are Bothered by Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” Music Video

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Selena Gomez is on a roll, and something tells us this is only the beginning! She may take on four different characters in her “Bad Liar” music video, but let it be known, SelGo was also the brains behind the video’s creative direction. After watching her “Bad Liar” video (on repeat), fans were pleasantly reminded of how incredible Sel’s acting skills are. WE MISS YOU, ALEX RUSSO!

But Sel is also well aware of how her platform and influence can affect change. In a recent interview with Billboard, director Jesse Perez gushed about Selena saying that she insisted on the storyline, including the main character exploring her sexuality. “She brought on this idea that somewhere within this love triangle is lesbian attraction,” he stated. “It just gave me another reason to do it — acknowledging that it’s not just heterosexuals in the world!” You betta preach, Selena!

And after hearing what Jesse had to say about Selena, fans were eagerly anticipating the music video for her new single, “Fetish.” While the video (which isn’t the official video; just the audio accompaniment) falls more along the artsy side, some fans have expressed their distaste for Selena’s look via social media.

Although Selena appears to be wearing little to no makeup, fans were shocked to see that she has — wait for it — freckles:


#FETISH July 13th ❤️

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The 24-year-old’s makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, who styled her in the “Fetish” music video, teased the up-close photo of her on his Instagram account, but it seems as though some fans have a lot to say about her temporary additions.

One user wrote, “Fake freckles? Really Bruh?” while another commented, “but selena has no freckles.” However, some fans came to Selena’s defense, when one stated, “We all know Selena doesn’t have freckles but clearly maybe she wanted to try them out. That was her choice. There is no need for you brats in the comments to come on hungs page and attack him. Get a life. Seek Jesus.”

Hung did respond with this photo in which he lists what products he used on her face, including a crayon eyeliner he used for her faux freckles:

Welp, haters gonna hate, but just as Selena would say, ~always kill em’ with kindness~.