Selena Gomez Talks Fashion (Obviously), Justin (Duh), and the First Time She Heard Her Song on the Radio (Pics)

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Even though Selena Gomez is the busiest person in this whole universe, she does make time for the occasional magazine cover shoot. This time she’s gracing the October 2011 cover of Fashion Magazine, which makes total sense, since she’s always looking fab on Justin Bieber’s arm red carpets and she does have her own clothing line, Dream Out Loud. Let’s hear what she has to say about Justin this time, eh?

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On hearing her song over the airwaves for the first time: “I was in L.A. at a Starbucks when I heard one on the radio. I was in the drive- through, and I screamed and called my mom and I was crying. It was a huge moment for me. The server probably thought I was an emotional teenager going through something.”

On Justin’s Canadian slang: “He says ‘Eh?’ a lot. And ‘Lookit.’ He says that’s a Canadian thing too, but I don’t know.”

On shopping: “I have to be in the mood to go shopping. I can’t stand shopping for jeans—I hate having to try them on. But I can shop for shoes for days. I like to find things that are kind of original or things that I can make original, in random places. When we were making Monte Carlo, I went to this flea market in Italy and got some cute, flowy dresses and these really soft shorts. Other than that, I didn’t do too much shopping. Leighton Meester, though—Leighton did a lot of shopping in Paris. She was so funny. She’s probably more of a shopper than I am.”