Selena Gomez & Ed Sheeran Are Possibly Teaming Up!

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Ed Sheeran has already duet-ed with Selena Gomez‘s BFF Taylor Swift, but will the “Come and Get It” singer be joining forces with Ed as well? That’s what some are saying!

On Wednesday afternoon, the “Kiss You” singer was spotted with a backpack while exiting Selena’s home in L.A., which sparked debate on whether or not these two might collaborate. Now, it could just be a friendly meeting between two people, but we’ve got our fingers crossed in hopes these two will be making some music together!

As you might know, Selena is getting ready to drop her new album — Stars Dance — on July 23, the day after her 21st birthday! Earlier this month, Selena revealed the track list which includes:

1. Birthday
2. Slow Down
3. Stars Dance
4. Like A Champion
5. Come & Get It
6. Forget Forever
7. Save The Day
8. B.E.AT.
9. Write Your Name
10. Undercover
11. Love Will Remember

Maybe one of these songs is the duet, and we just don’t know it yet! Would YOU like to hear these two collab? Sound off in the comments section!

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