Caption This: Selena Gomez Eating a Lot of Food in Japan!

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We could go on for hours about this picture that Selena Gomez just posted on her Facebook page of her stuffing her face in Japan. OMG, did she eat all of it? If so, how does she stay so skinny and we don’t? And if not, was Justin Bieber there to share the pad thai with her? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

But here’s another question for you — what do you think Selena was saying/thinking when this photo was snapped? We want you to share your cleverness with us and caption this pic in the comments below! Odds are your caption will be better than Selena’s: “food :).” So witty.

So get crackin’ with your captions in the comments. We’ll read ’em all and our favorite one will, um, be read by us. Best prize ever.



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