Now People are Saying Selena Gomez Actually Didn’t Lip-Sync at the AMAs

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Selena Gomez received a massive amount of backlash for lip-syncing following her first live performance of “Wolves” during last Sunday’s American Music Awards… but it turns out that rumor may NOT be true after all.

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for SelGo to take the AMA stage on Sunday for the first time since her life-saving kidney transplant to perform her new collab with Marshmello, “Wolves.” When the moment finally happened, fans were excitedly watching on the edge of their seats, but that excitement quickly turned to confusion for some, when they realized the audio sounded a bit too perfect to be a live performance.

TMZ reports, however, that she was NOT lip-syncing during the performance… for the most part, at least. Sel reportedly used a backing track during the song’s chorus only, which is something many musicians do during television performances, because she wanted it to be as perfect as possible. This means that what we heard during the verses was supposedly raw vocals from Selena herself.

You may have also noticed that Selena didn’t do much dancing during the gig, but rather focused on moving around between the actual dancers. This was allegedly a conscious decision on her part so that she could sing live. As you probably could imagine, it’s way harder to sing when you’re dancing at the same time.

TMZ did note, however, that the audio could’ve been messed up so viewers heard something different as they were watching television than what was happening in the arena. We did see the former Disney Channel star rehearsing in the days leading up to the show, including videos uploaded to Instagram, which makes sense if she did really sing.

So, it may never actually be confirmed whether or not Selena was singing live, but given the circumstances, she always manages to put on a spectacular show!