A Timeline of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato’s Never-Ending Friendship

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Growing up in the spotlight can be HARD, which is why it’s SO amazing that BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato got to do it together right from the very beginning. For most child stars, the pressures of Hollywood are just too much to bear, and majority of the time, they have to deal with those pressures all on their own. But Selena and Demi, who just so happened to be building similar careers at the exact same time, always knew that when things got hard, they’d have each other’s back.

And for many years, that’s exactly what happened. Since they were little kids on Barney & Friends all the way up until around 2009, it really seemed like Sel and Demi were completely inseparable. BUT, even though they shared so many wonderful memories together throughout the years, we’ll be straight up: It wasn’t always sunshine and daisies between the two young brunettes, even if for many years that’s what it seemed like.

As Demi and Selena maneuvered through their teenage years (sometimes together, sometimes separate), it’s safe to say that their friendship definitely got rocky at points. Don’t believe us? We’ve got receipts! Ultimately, their diehard fans couldn’t even really keep up with the status of their friendship, and many were left wondering whether the bond between these childhood pals would really last forever.

Even though from the public’s perspective, it doesn’t seem like Sel and Demi have really interacted too much over recent years, we’re pretty #confident that they still share the #sameoldlove they’ve always had for one another. After all, they have so many memories together, it’s impossible to believe that they would throw it all away over petty, teenage drama. And since we’re already reminiscing, let’s take a look at the complete timeline of their BFF-dom, shall we:


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