From Our BFFs: Which Teen Queens Are BFFs Again?

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Off-again, on-again besties Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato rekindled their friendship over dinner last weekend. [4tnz!]

Aaaand Mickey Mouse Club besties Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera reunite over Twitter. Awwww, BFFs 4Eva! [Hollywire]

Does Whitney Port go for good guys or bad boys? She reveals that she’s definitely attracted to one kinda dude more than the other… [Wetpaint]

Ken Baumann from Secret Life spills about high school relationships and “revenge sex pregnancy.” Ya know, typical teen problems. [Seventeen]

Who better to learn prom planning 101 from than Aimee Teegarden, star of Disney’s upcoming movie Prom? Now we wanna go to prom, like, tonight. [Just Jared Jr]

Speaking of Prom, want to win a free copy of the soundtrack? Oh, and a free ride to the movie’s super-fancy L.A. premiere? Find out how! [JSYK]

You definitely do not want to find yourself on Katy Perry‘s bad side. [Posh24]

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