15 Photos That Suggest Selena Gomez is Really Going Through Something

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Tumblr (gifhunterress)

Tumblr (gifhunterress)

I keep a pretty good eye on celebrities as part of my job, so you need to trust me when I tell you that Selena Gomez is going through something right now. As if it wasn’t proof enough that she had a rehab stay, has been off-and-on with Justin Bieber and fired her parents as managers with no warning, there’s also convincing evidence all over her Instagram.

Selena’s photos and videos may look innocuous enough, but that’s how we felt about Amanda Bynes‘ social media posts for a long time too, until it became too glaringly obvious to ignore that she was going through something. And I’m not saying that whatever’s up with Selena is something similar, just that it’s definitely something.

Lately, it seems like the things she’s been putting up have been more and more cryptic, from selfies with inscrutable captions, to videos of random moments that she’s added music to. Maybe some of these things are inside jokes or comments that only her fans can understand, but some of them are so odd that I suspect they only make sense to her.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself…

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