Say What?! Selena Gomez (kinda) Talks Demi Lovato

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If we could choose one celeb to be besties with, it’d probably be Selena Gomez. The girl is always so well-spoken, so professional and so, well, cool! Despite what’s been going on lately with her friend Demi Lovato and other young stars like Lindsay Lohan, Selena opened up about what it’s really like being in the industry and explained why everyone should just back off…

“I think that’s all about how they see their career. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong what other people are doing, it’s just what they want to do. And there should be nothing wrong with that. Everybody’s different. All you can do is go for it and do the best that you can.”

Do you agree that famous people should just do what they want and not worry about what other people think? Would you do that if you were famous? Tell us below!