Selena Gomez Just Gave Her Ex-BF a Hardcore Taste of His Own Medicine

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At this point, everyone knows that Justin Bieber is the kind of the king of being thirsty AF on Instagram; like, how many pictures of random girls can you post, dude? But now, after being (officially) broken up for what feels like forever, JB’s ex Selena Gomez is giving him a serious taste of his own medicine.

The 23-year-old star had fans scratching their heads after she posted a picture of a random hot guy to her Instagram page. Was this Selena’s way of getting back at Justin’s now-infamous “Omg who is this!!” post from a week ago? While no one knew what the meaning of the post was at first, fans quickly began to put the pieces together.

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Turns out, the Austin Butler lookalike is actually a model named Christopher Mason, who, according to fans, might be the male lead in Sel’s “Hands To Myself” music video. While we’re not 100 percent sure where they got that information, we’re pretty sure it could have something to do with his recent post that said, “Shooting today in this top secret undisclosed location in the Hollywood hills #shhh.”

Selena has recently been spotted out and about multiple times with Niall Horan, and they seem pretty darn happy together, so we’re pretty sure there’s no deeper meaning of her spontaneous IG post.

Hmmm…we wonder what Niall thinks about Sel’s post…

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