Since When Are Selena Gomez and Christina Grimmie BFF?

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Last year, our fave YouTube star and Selena Gomezsecond fave YouTube star (the Biebs being the first. Get it? Get it?) Christina Grimmie performed at Selena’s UNICEF benefit concert. But now? She’s chilling backstage with Selena Gomez and the Scene again! We spotted Christina in this vid posted on Selena’s Twitter and website and the two are just chillin’ backstage like besties. So what gives?

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Well, the video is from when Selena and her band performed at Jingle Ball in late 2010 where Christina sang backup, so we don’t know if they’re still “friends” now. But we had NO idea Christina was singing for Selena in the first place, so this is totally news to us! You too?

Do you think Sel and Christina would make good BFFs? Would you want to see them perform together? Tell us in the comments!