Selena Gomez Calls the Cops for No Other Reason Besides Paranoia

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With the paparazzi hanging out in her bushes and burglar's getting into her guest house, Selena Gomez has her share of reasons to be a little paranoid. So when she felt that there was an unknown presence potentially lurking in her home this past weekend, she immediately dialed 911.

According to TMZ, "Selena got home Sunday night just before midnight and saw the back door flung open. Cops rushed over, but found no one inside and no evidence of forced entry. It's possible she left it open herself."

Considering the "Come and Get It" singer's experiences with stalkers 19-year-old Juan Daniel Garcia, 48-year-old Thomas Brodnicki and an unnamed 20-year-old transient all within the past six months, we can't blame her for her paranoia. Hopefully that's all it is…

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