Man Breaks Into Selena Gomez’s Guest House While She’s at Home!

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Break out the Selena Gomez crying meme. It appears that the 21-year-old singer/actress has yet another stalker; one that's willing to march up to the door of her home — with her and her friends IN THE HOUSE! Sounds like a bad horror movie, no?

According to TMZ, a 20-year-old transient was taken into custody for trespassing onto the "Come and Get It" crooner's $3 million property and breaking into an attachment of her home after he knocked on her door and asked if she was on the premises. When her pal insisted that she wasn't and slammed the door shut, the stalker then proceeded to enter Selena's guest house where he was found by the singer's security staff. He's currently being held on $50,000 bail.

This news comes only months after SelGo's 48-year-old stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, re-entered the picture by harassing Selena via email. 19-year-old Juan Daniel Garcia was spotted trespassing on Selena's property in Tarzana, CA weeks prior. The appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that they do not harm the star.

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