Selena Gomez Goes Crazy (and Sexy!) in Her Britney Spears Medley (Video)

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Is it just us, or has Selena Gomez grown up a lot since her 19th birthday? The gorg singer/actress performed in Florida recently and she was (never thought we’d say this) so sexy! Sel’s always been cute, but in her glittery corset top, she totes took it to the next level. Plus, she sang a medley of Britney Spears songs, including Crazy, Toxic and Hold It Against Me, which also automatically makes her sexier. Could she be the next femme fatale?

Watch Sel’s Brit performance to see the new side of Justin Bieber‘s GF!

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What did you think of Selena’s Britney medley? Did she pull it off? Think Justin likes this new side of her? Leave your thoughts in the comments!