Is It Just Us or Does Selena Gomez Go For Hot, Young And Really Famous?

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We have a feeling that 2011 is gonna be the year of the Selieber. They’re the Brangelina of the tween set, and there’s no denying that they (and their careers) are just as hot. But before Justin Bieber was Selena‘s leading man, there were two other dudes in her life who you may have heard of — do Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner ring a bell?

And let’s just say that Selena’s adorbs outings and Kodak-worthy moments with Justin aren’t a first for Sel. She was equally as PDA and showy with her former flames, Nick and Taylor, too!

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Selena dated in Taylor in 2009 when Twilight was at its peak and Nick on-and-off in 2008 and 2010 while the JoBros were huge. And now, of course, she’s dating Justin Bieber, who’s pretty much having the best year ever so far.

Don’t get us wrong — it’s not like we think she’s only after Biebs for his fame. But do you think it’s a coincidence that she dated three of the hottest guys in Hollywood at the times that they were the most popular? Tell us in comments!