An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Girl, Selena Gomez

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Today, Selena Gomez turns 19! And we had to go above and beyond for her birthday, of course. That means more than just flowers and balloons and chocolate cake. So, what’d we do? We wrote her a poem! Just like we did for Justin Bieber on his birthday back in March (read it here!). Creepy? A little. But come on. We just had to…

And now, for your reading pleasure…

Oh, Selena, where do we begin?
Whether its at awards shows or on the red carpet, you always win.
And don’t even get us started on that boyfriend of yours
He’s the kind of guy who buys you everything flowers and opens doors.

But before you were famous you were just like us,
trying to make it big in the state of Dal-lus.
Then you got a role with Demi Lovato on Barney,
and soon after moved to Hollywood and the rest is history.

Wizards of Waverly Place became your claim to fame,
and soon after, every little girl knew your name!
But your Disney TV show was only a start
You started volunteering for Unicef. You’ve got such a big heart!

Then you branched out into music and became Selena Gomez and the Scene,
Which is super impressive, cause you’re still just a teen.
Your albums did amazingly, and “Naturally” is our fave,
And BTW, unlike other young stars, we love that you behave.

Would we make great friends with you? Def!
We wish we were Taylor Swift, so we could be your BFF.
You could teach us how to rap. We heard you sing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”
Though we’re not too sure we can keep up the pace.

When the Sun Goes Down tonight, there’s no need to worry
We’re sure JB will be there in a hurry
To wish you Happy Birthday, the big one-nine,
Then give you a present before you go out and dine.

This poem is just a small way to show that we love you,
Even though we want to steal your boyfriend, your hair and your shoes.
So we wish you the best on your big day
But wait, before we go, we just wanna say,
Monte Carlo was awesome, and “Who Says” is the best,
But please, could you give your relationship with the Biebs a rest?
We want him to ourselves, ya know. It’s just not fair!
We simply can’t resist his swag and his hair.

But we wish you the greatest of birthdays ever,
And having Justin to celebrate with will make it even better.
We can’t wait to see you on tour this summer
Even though we couldn’t get tickets. Whoops. What a bummer.

And please, no more making out with Justin on vacay.
Those pics from Hawaii legitimately ruined our day.
OK, this time we’re gonna go now, for real,
So Happy Birthday, Selena!
Now go enjoy a big meal.

Ha! What’d you think of the poem? Tell us your thoughts below, and leave your own Bday wish for Sel in the comments!