Will Selena Gomez Perform in the MTV VMA Tribute to Brit-Brit, Or Something Even Better?

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Sorry, SelGo fans, but it looks like we have to kiss (get the pic now?) our dreams of Selena Gomez performing in the Britney Spears 2011 MTV VMA tribute guh’bye. If you checked out Sel’s sexy Britney medley, then you know that she could totes pull off another Brit-Brit performance. Unfortunately, Selena herself denied the claims. Whomp whomp. BUT, there is some good Selena/VMAs news…

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Selena’s hosting the 2011 VMA pre-show! According to MTV, Selena says:

“I am very excited to be a part of the 2011 VMAs! After all of my years watching the VMAs, the pre-show has always been one of my favorite parts. It is a true honor to be hosting from the black carpet this year.”

Squeal! That means more Selena air-time than we could’ve even expected! Are you anxious to watch Selena work the black carpet? Think there could’ve been a better host? Shout out your thoughts here!