15 Secrets You Can Only Tell Your True Best Friend

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There comes a point during certain people’s friendships where absolutely nothing is off limits. Whether you’re talking about an embarrassing body issue or a never-to-be-mentioned crush, you don’t even think twice about telling your true best friend. You know the saying ‘secrets, secrets are no fun?’ Well, it’s totally true — unless you can share them with your BFF! Here are some of them:

1. Your Netflix password. Because seriously, there’s no point for everyone to spend $7.99 a month!

2. Where you hide your journal. Just in case they ever have to destroy the evidence.

Romance At Random

Romance At Random

3. Your embarrassing first crush. We all have that one person who must never be mentioned again.

4. Your embarrassing current crush. Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

5. The real last time you washed your jeans. Don’t lie…it was probably over a week ago.

6. Awkward first-time stories.. From kisses to, um, other things, someone needs to share in your uncomfortable encounters.

7. Weird body issues. Because if you can’t tell your BFF how much you hate the skin near your armpit, who can you tell?

8. The last time you shaved your legs. No one else needs to know. Thanks, pants!

9. The truth behind that one story you always lie about. You’ve become so used to telling the lie, that even you’re confusing the truth. Thankfully your BFF knows the real story, too.

Blog for Choice

Blog for Choice

10. How many selfie attempts it actually takes before you choose one to post on Instagram. #NoJudgement

Surviving College

Surviving College

11. The fantasy life you have planned with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s totally possible for him to spot you at a movie premiere and sweep you off your feet, right?

12. The people you secretly hate but pretend to like. Sometimes you just gotta vent!

13. Why you were really 20 minutes late. Whether you overslept or you were taking care of business in the bathroom, there’s no need for excuses with your BFF.

14. Who actually crashed the car/broke the vase/etc. Having siblings to blame things on is very helpful, but it’s also nice when someone knows the truth.

15. Your Facebook log in info. Just in case you ever accidentally comment on your ex’s photo and then you can’t log on to delete it! This horror has happened before, people!

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