Secret Life Preview: Will Ben and Adrian Ever Recover?

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What do we learn from this pic of Ben and Adrian stuffing their faces with donuts? Food fixes everything. We’re kidding, considering that devastating loss that Badrian had to deal with on last week’s episode of Secret Life will require more therapy than a pastry can give. And you guys seem to agree — we got 50+ comments of how bad you guys feel for them! But on tonight’s episode, “When One Door Closes,” how are Ben and Adrian coping with their loss? And are Ricky and Amy officially together after, ya know, that thing they did last week?

Click on to watch preview clips and tell us your predictions!

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Do you think Adrian will ever go back to school? Will she and Ben ever be the same? And what about Ricky and Amy? Do you think it’s a good idea if they move in together for the summer? Spill below!