Secret Life Recap: Will Amy Ever Catch On To Ricky’s Games?

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We’re thinking all the cyber dramz that went down in last week’s ep of Secret Life got to everyone’s heads last night. It seemed as though every couple on the show wanted to ditch their boyfs/girlfies. (Maybe it should be referred to as The Single Life instead.) And while that’s not all bad, it did create quite a stir at Grant High.

But in case you missed all the drama, Teen’s gotchya covered…

1. Jesse wants to have sex with Lauren, but Lauren’s not ready for such a big commitment. He tries to sweeten the deal by telling Lauren that he’s willing to change schools to be closer to her — wherever she decides to go. Lauren’s not buying it. Then Jesse drops the L-word. She still doesn’t buy it, and ends up leaving him in the dust. Ouch.
2. After a romantic chocolate milkshake, bubble bath, and head scrub, Ricky decides to bring up marriage to Amy — but under one condition. They both have to be finished with college, have jobs, and be ready to settle down. But that’s going to take, like, 5 years! Poor Amy. Too bad John is the only one who knows that Ricky has plans to propose after graduation. Don’t spill the beans, John!
3. Dante and Grace have been ignoring Adrian’s calls, but for totally different reasons. Dante hasn’t called Adrian back because apparently he’s backpacking through Europe. Grace hasn’t called because Adrian is being annoying. Moral of the story? Grace tells Adrian to quit being so desperate. It’s just not her style. Truth.
4. After being together since the third grade, Henry decides he wants to take a break from Alice to see the world. The problem? He didn’t intend to break up with Alice NOW, he just wanted to break up with her this time next year. Word vomit happens to the best of us.
5. By the end of the episode, Amy is wrapped around Ricky’s finger, Lauren is back together with Jesse, Jack doesn’t have a girlfriend for graduation because Madison turns down his offer, Daniel and Grace are on bad terms and Adrian has moved on to all new man-candy, who turns out to be Dante’s older brother, Omar.