Major Secret Life Spoilers! Things Are Looking Way Down for Ben And Adrian

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Things seem to be going swimmingly for Ben and Adrian on Secret Life, who are moving right along with their plans to move in together and get married and raise their daughter. But brace yourselves, loyal readers, because we just got word of a huge spoiler that’s going to majorly tear things up for Badrian in an upcoming episode. If you don’t want to know what happens — trust us, it’s huge! — do not click on. We’ve warned you!

But if you do wanna know…

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According to TVGuide.com, Ben and Adrian are going to lose their baby! Ken Baumann, who plays Ben, said:

“This is a terrible reality for so many people and to show that and hopefully connect with some of those people and show them that they too are recognized. This show has always done a pretty decent job of offering a wide range of experience and not just focusing in on one glamorous version of a story. It’s going to devastate them.”

As for Badrian’s future, Ken said:

“Their relationship grows and changes and through the increasing difficulty they have to face dealing with friends and feeling ostracized and totally alone, they have moments where they find happiness and struggle to climb up the cliff. It may take awhile, but there are moments of exciting light in their paths.”

Whoa! We need a minute to take this all in! Are you shocked that Ben and Adrian will lose their baby, especially after getting married? Do you think they should split up or stay together? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments!

PS: This episode airs Monday, June 6 at 8pm on ABC Family!