Secret Life Recap: Will Adrian Break Up Ricky and Amy?

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Um, is it just us or is a love triangle and a love square totally a brewin’ on the next few eps of Secret Life? Between (spoiler alert!) Jack’s confession that he still loves Grace and Ben’s confession that he wishes he was still with Amy, we are sensing lots of drama with a capital D.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s recap last night’s ep, “Hole In The Wall” and that EPIC Badrian fight first, shall we?!

Read the recap below and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on the ep and predictions for the future below!

1. Grace and Daniel’s relationship is moving right along, except when he tells her that he’s scared to commit to her because he thinks she’s going to want her baby like her friends have. So after she reveals that she wants to use protection and that she likes Daniel as more than a friend, Jack comes in, watches them kiss, and then confesses to Grace that he broke up with Madison because he still loves her. Too bad she accidentally confessed to loving Daniel…
2. Adrian, meanwhile, seems to be slowly recovering. She even goes into the baby’s nursery for the first time and recruits Amy and Grace to help her clean it out and donate all the stuff to the local nursery. But then we later find out that she’s recovering because she knows she’s going to have another baby with Ben within the year. Um, not if Ben has anything to do with it…
3. Ben comes home to find the empty nursery and starts screaming (like we’ve never seen before) at Adrian for being so “selfish.” He tells her he wishes they never had sex and never got married, and that their baby dying is a sign that what they did was wrong. So then he goes to the nursery to find Mr. Bear, the stuffed animal his mom gave him that Adrian accidentally threw away…
4. And he finds Amy leaving the nursery. She had rescued Mr. Bear for him, and the two have a heartfelt talk. Ben tells Amy that Ricky will hurt her, and, well, basically confesses that he wishes they were still together. Then he drinks some beer, shows up to dinner with his dad and passes out drunk. Classy.
5. Meanwhile, Ricky and Amy are making adjustments to their living situation by getting a sofa bed put in the living room and giving John the bedroom. And they also might soon be making adjustments to their relationship, considering Adrian left Ricky a very sexy voicemail saying she misses him. Um, we smell trouble and/or a love square. Yikes.

Do you think Adrian will break up Ricky and Amy? Do you think Ben will get over his depression and stick it out with Adrian? And do you think (and hope!) that Grace will dump Daniel and get back with Jack? Tell us all you’re thinking in the comments!