Secret Life Recap: Are Ricky and Amy (And, Uh, Ben and Adrian) Really Going to Last?

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Yesterday we speculated that Adrian was going to drown out her sorrows of her miscarriage with food and, um, we were right. Girl can seriously eat! But while Adrian and Ben are still depressed, Ricky and Amy are living the life, shacking up and hooking up. Too soon?!

Click on for our recap of “When One Door Closes” and tell us — which Secret Life couple will last longer?

1. With Grace away with Jeff in Zimbabwe for two weeks, Kathleen takes it upon herself to go and meet Tom’s new girlfriend. Ya know, the one on welfare who has two kids? But after meeting her and hearing her sob story and realizing that she actually loves Tom, Kathleen allows Rachel to move into their guest house with Tom. Awkward, Kathleen, because didn’t you say Jack could stay there,too?!
2. Ben finally returns to school 8 weeks after the baby was born, but Adrian refuses to do anything but stay at home and eat lots and lots of snacks. Ben tries to get her to come out, or to take pills to help her feel better, but Adrian insists that nothing will help heal her. Ok then.
3. And while at school,, Ben seeks comfort from his friends, Amy in particular, and he confesses to her that he thinks their baby died because he said out loud that he didn’t want to be a husband or father. And then, Ben said it out loud again — “I don’t want to be married” — to Leo, who happened to agree that he didn’t wanna be married, either. We seriously don’t think we could handle two divorces right now…
4. As for Ricky and Amy? They’re loving life, having sex and pretty much living together in Ricky’s apartment. But if Ricky’s therapy session was any indication, not everything is perfect even for them.
5. And finally, after much convincing, Amy finally agrees to go over and talk to Adrian. And while she tried to talk about everything except for the fact that she and Ricky are having sex and almost living together, of course that came up and, um, let’s just say that news didn’t exactly make Adrian’s day any better. Whoops.

Which brings us to this week’s question. Who do you think is a stronger couple — Ben and Adrian or Ricky and Amy? Will Ben leave Adrian because it’s too much to deal with? Will Ricky dump Amy because he still can’t be monogamous? Vote below and tell us in the comments!