Secret Life Recap: Will Ricky Really Propose to Amy at Graduation?!

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Ok, can we just be frank for a sec? Last night’s ep of Secret Life was like, majorly uneventful. Maybe they had very little happen because next week’s graduation/season finale bonanza is gonna be hugely epic? Or because there’s no other possible plotlines? Regardless, we still thought we’d give you a little recap of the stuff that did go down on last night’s ep, “Pomp.” Like, OMG, a possible proposal!

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1. While Madison and Lauren aren’t allowed to go to Jesse’s lake house after graduation, Jack is still trying to get Grace to be his date to the event. Sure, she has a boyfriend and all, but somehow we think Jack and Grace working on the prayer for graduation together will bring them just a tad bit closer. Don’tcha think?
2. Adrian is clearly over Ben by now and, um, over last week’s hook-up Dante, too. Because things are going just swimmingly with Dante’s bro Omar, who comes over to Adrian’s house, kisses her passionately, and tells her to call him after she gets over her ex boyfriend. The question we have, though — does he mean Ricky or Ben?!
3. And speaking of Ben, he’s caught in a messy custody battle between Betty and Leo Alice and Henry. After they break up next year before they head off to college, they’re having trouble deciding who will get to spend which holidays with him. This is an amicable breakup, guys. Not a messy divorce.
4. Ricky, meanwhile, tells Amy he doesn’t want to go to the graduation party because he doesn’t want to hang out with “high school kids,” but really it’s because he plans to propose to Amy after graduation. Oh, the suspense.
5. Oh, and also, the school counselor tells Ricky that he’s valedictorian, but Ricky “respectfully declines” the offer to speak at graduation. But after telling Amy and both his moms about the honor, we somehow feel that he will end up speaking, after all. Looks like grad night’s gonna be a big one for the Rickster!

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