Secret Life Recap: Should Ricky and Amy Finally Do It (Again)?

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Spoiler alert: Ben and Adrian are engaged on Secret Life! But we all saw that one coming, didn’t we? And another thing we totes see coming? Ricky and Amy having sex. Again. It didn’t happen on last night’s episode, “Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner,” but we can cut through all that sexual tension with a knife and we just want it to happen already. Don’t you?!

Click our recap of last night’s ep and tell us if you think Ricky and Amy should take the next step!

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1. Ashley seems to be enjoying home schooling and definitely does not seem to be returning to real school anytime soon. I mean, come on, her biology project on ecosystems was kind of awesome.
2. Ricky’s mom is still staying at Ricky’s house until he decides to send her to live with his adoptive mom. Awkward alert. Meanwhile, Amy and Norah (his biological mom) get close and she even introduces her to baby John for the first time ever. Except then…
3. Norah dropped a major bombshell on Ricky that she’s a lesbian. And that she wants him to meet her girlfriend. Who’s a parole officer at the jail. That’s one convo we can honestly say we’ve never had with our moms.
4. Meanwhile, Adrian and Ben’s dads meet up to talk about their kids possibly getting married. Leo isn’t such a fan of the idea, whereas Adrian’s dad thinks they should get married before the baby comes. And then…
5. Ben takes Adrian on a very romantic date to Poppies Tacos and, with her parents nearby, pops the question. Not like we saw that one coming or anything…

But let’s turn the focus away from Badrian for a sec and talk about Amy and Ricky. They’ve been talking about having sex (again) for three episodes now, and they even shared an adorbs kiss last night. So we wanna know — do you think they should have sex since Ricky’s clean of STDs? Or should they just remain friends and not rush into anything? Vote below and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!