Secret Life Recap: Will Adrian Really Get Ricky Back?

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We totally didn’t see this one coming — Adrian’s now going after Ricky on Secret Life. Kidding. It was bound to happen, because what Adrian wants, Adrian (usually gets). She’s totally flip-flopping between wanting to get preggers again with Ben to wanting to just have sex again with Ricky, so it’s no wonder this ep was called “Flip Flop.” But seriously, girl, just make up your mind, mmkay?

Oh yeah, and there was also that time in this ep where Ricky caught Amy snooping through his phone. Awkward.

Read on for a recap of last night’s ep!

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1. Adrian talks to her doctor and tells her all about her plan to get pregnant again. Luckily the doctor tells her it’s a bad idea and that she’s young and should go after what she really wants, which is when Adrian decides to go after Ricky. We smell trouble.
2. So to keep with her plan, Adrian tells Ben that he has to move out, to which Ben responds by saying that he knows that she wants to get pregnant again because Grace told Amy who told Ricky who told Leo who told Ben. Adrian calls up Grace and tells her they’re no longer friends because she spilled her secret. Alrighty then.
3. So since they’re no longer besties, Grace calls Amy and tells her that Adrian is going after Ricky. Then Jack tells Grace that Adrian called both him and Grant — she’s going after everyone’s exes, not just Ricky. What a biotch.
4. And speaking of being a biotch, Adrian tells Amy to look through Ricky’s phone to see why Adrian prompted the breakup with Ben in the first place. She finds three sexy voicemails from Adrian on it..and then Ricky finds her snooping. And he is not happy.
5. But eventually, after all that, Ben agrees to move out, but not before telling Adrian that Ricky isn’t good for her and that she deserves better. Somehow we don’t think Adrian’s going to take Ben’s advice to heart..