Secret Life Recap: Should Ben and Adrian Get Their Own Place?

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Is it just us, or is this all happening really fast? First, we learned last season on Secret Life that Adrian and Ben were having a baby. Then a few episodes ago we found out they’re engaged and getting married before their baby girl arrives. And then last night? They’re hunting for condos to live in — their own condo — once they get hitched. Oh, and did we mention they’re only 17?

Do you think Ben and Adrian, even though they’ll be married, should get their own place? Tell us what you think! But first…

Let’s go over the major points in last night’s ep and then we’ll get to Badrian in a sec.

1. Ricky and Amy are still totally dating, even though his response to her proposal was “We’ll see.” That sounds promising. Anyway, they talk a little bit more about having sex and being monogamous and stuff and, guys, please just do it already and stop talking about it. K thanks.
2. Ashley is still getting home-schooled, but this time she’s been given a “study buddy” from the school in the form of super hot guy, Toby. We feel a romance coming on…
3. Grace and Grant have a sleepover at his place while his parents are out of town — shame on her mom for letting that happen — and, after 6 weeks of talking about sex and 4 months of dating, they finally sleep together. And then they talk about how amazing it was and how much they love each other. Aw.
4. Madison wants to have sex with Jack but he keeps making up excuses not to — “You’re not on the pill! I have a football game in two hours!” — when really he later tells her it’s because he doesn’t want commitment or to put the idea of marriage in her head. Madison, get out while you can. Just sayin’.
5. Ben and Adrian go apartment hunting since Leo agreed to buy them a condo instead of a huge wedding, but Ben freaks out about the thought of moving out of his dad’s house and living on his own with Adrian. Which begs the question — should they move in together and start a stable home for their daughter? Or should they live with their parents until they’re really ready to raise her on their own?

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