Secret Life Recap: Should Adrian and Ben Get Engaged?

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Remember how we said yesterday that Adrian and Ben from Secret Life were maybe possibly potentially going to get engaged? Um, so yeah, that didn’t happen on last night’s ep. Whoops. But should it have? Should they get married?!

Peep our run-through of last night’s ep and then tell us what you think!

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1. Amy and Ricky’s mom have an awkward run-in and get a little too friendly for Ricky’s liking. Meanwhile, the results from Ricky’s, um, “test” don’t exactly seem very good…
2. Jack and Grace get into a fight about the fact that he had sex with Adrian before he had sex with her, so now Grace feels dirty and slutty. Go figure, but then Grant was there to cheer her up and the two said the “L” word. How cute.
3. Madison brings home her new boyfriend to meet her dad and step mom and let’s just say they didn’t exactly hit it off. Um, can she please just date Jack again and call it a day?
4. Ashley is convinced she wants to do home-schooling, until her parents and the school counselor try to talk her out of it. Good to know we’re not the only ones who think that’s the worst possible idea ever.
5. As for Ben and Adrian? He really wants to move in with her so they can raise their daughter properly, but Adrian only wants to move in with Ben if (and once) they’re married. So then, Ben convinces his dad to let him propose to Adrian even though he’s not yet 18 and.. voila! Cliffhanger. Ugh.

So let’s predict the cliffhanger now. Will Adrian and Ben get engaged? And married? Will Ben’s dad even let him? Do you want him to? Vote below and tell us why in the comments!