Secret Life Recap: Was Ben Way Too Harsh on Amy?!

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We knew last night’s episode of Secret Life was going to be explosive and dramatic and basically just one big fight, and boy, were we right about that. Between Adrian and Amy’s totally awkward in-school run-in and Ben being super mean to Amy, we felt like last night’s “Loose Lips” was like, the season finale! Or something.

Click on for all the juicy tidbits and tell us — do you think Ben was way harsh on poor Amy?

1. Grace and Amy plan Adrian’s baby shower and bring the invitations to school. But when they realize that Adrian doesn’t really have any friends to invite, Adrian says instead that she wants to invite all her enemies — all the girls who slept with Ricky to show her how awesome her life is now. So she has all the girls Ricky’s slept with line up in front of Amy. How rude.
2. Amy was then crying in school and Lauren and Madison go over to console her, telling her that Amy’s being too nice and shouldn’t throw Adrian a shower in the first place. So then Adrian overhears and starts crying, so Ben comes over to comfort her.
3. And then Ricky and Ben go at it at defending their girlfriends, even though Ricky made it clear that he wants to stay out of it. Then Ben pulls a mean move, saying that Ricky won’t defend Amy because he’s still in love with Adrian, to which Ricky says “I didn’t love Adrian. I told every girl I’ve slept with that I loved her.”
4. Meanwhile, Amy and Ashley get in a fight of their own, where Amy told Ashley that Ashley’s kiss with Ricky meant nothing and that Ricky would never go for a girl like her in the first place. Seriously, why is everyone so mean?!
5. But the meanest move yet? Ben goes over to Amy’s house, basically to yell at her for pointing out that Adrian has no friends. Then Amy fights back, saying that Adrian still loves Ricky and is doing everything just to get back at him, to which Ben defends himself, saying that Ricky never loved Amy in the first place and that Amy is just with him to justify her pregnancy. Oh yeah, and then George kicked him out of the house. Yikes.

Which brings us to this week’s question — was Ben too harsh on Amy? Do you think Amy genuinely loves Ricky, or does she just want to be with him so John can have a real family? And what about Adrian? Are you on Adrian’s side or Amy’s side in the baby shower fight? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments below!