Secret Life Recap: Will Ben Ever Find Out Adrian’s Secret Plan?

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Note to self: Don’t ever tell Secret Life‘s Grace Bowman a secret. Remember when Adrian told her that her plan to keep Ben around was to get pregnant again? And then last night on the ep, “Cute,” when she almost spilled the beans to Ben? Yeah. That happened. And so did these other things that you’re def gonna need a recap on…

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1. So yeah, about that secret that Grace almost spilled to Ben? Grace told Ben that he couldn’t have sex with Adrian, and Ben assumed it was because she was seeing someone else. Then, the paranoia began and he asked every single person he knew if Adrian had a new boyf. Answer: a big fat unanimous “no.” Glad we cleared that one up.
2. In other Grace news, things are going swimmingly with her and Daniel. She even visits him at his college apartment, even though she had to be home by her 9pm curfew. Come on, Kathleen. That’s way harsh. Also? She and Jack start talking again. Well, through text, at least.
3. Amy finally found out about why Ricky didn’t get into his first choice college, so she took it upon herself to get involved. She went to talk to the school counselor about it, but also approached Carlee and threatened to get her fired. So, Carlee did get fired, and Ricky got accepted. Win win.
4. Ricky’s mom, Nora, takes Ben out to dinner to talk to him about drinking because, well, he got plastered the week before. While there, they run into Adrian’s dad Ruben, who tells Ben that he can’t leave Adrian after everything she’s been through. Talk about awkward.
5. Meanwhile, Nora wakes up in Ben’s bed, clearly having had too much to drink, and Ben wakes up in his apartment. Phew.