Secret Life Recap: Are Grace and Grant the Real Deal?

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Every week we focus on Ben and Adrian’s impending marriage/baby/moving in together and Ricky and Amy’s are-they-or-aren’t-they-an-actual couple debate on Secret Life, but this week? All we wanna talk about is Grace and Grant and how freakin’ cayute those two are together. Sure, we know they finally sealed the deal two episodes ago, but this week they were cuter than ever. We literally wanna be them.

But are G squared (we’re making that happen) the real deal? Let’s recap the ep and then debate that, shall we?!

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1. After having sex for the second time last week, Ben and Adrian can’t get enough of each other or, uh, talking about each other. Grace, Amy, Ricky, even Ben’s dad Leo all got an earful about how amazing their sex was. Uh, some things are better to be kept private, guys.
2. Meanwhile, Ricky and Amy are definitely not having sex. Poor guy. He even called up Amy a few times throughout the episode, begging Amy to move in — or at least sleep over — so that they can finally do it. Nothing says romance like a booty call, eh?
3. And poor Amy, because after Adrian raves about her night with Ben, she tells Amy that she should really have sex with Ricky soon or else she’s going to lose him. That is if she doesn’t lose him first to Ashley’s study buddy’s much-older step sister who Ricky has clearly hooked up with…
4. Ricky heads out to the driving range to let off some steam and runs into Jack and Tom while he’s there. After much sex talk about how Jack and Ricky both aren’t having it, they both kind of get depressed and it becomes clear that Jack clearly misses Grace, who’s now with Grant…
5. Grace and Grant took another big step in their relationship. After a super cute encounter in school and Grace admitting she wish she’d waiting to have sex for the first time with Grant instead of Jack, Grant’s parents come over to Grace’s house for a meet-and-greet. And despite Grant’s dad being really really old, he was really really cute, singing an adorable old song and dancing with his wife in their house. So freakin’ cute.

So, do you think Grace and Grant are the real deal? Do you think they’ll last and even get married, like they’ve talked about doing? Vote below and tell us what you think in the comments!