Secret Life Recap: Do You Think Ben Will Really Leave Adrian?

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Thank goodness that last night’s episode of Secret Life wasn’t as sad or depressing as this one or this one, because we don’t think we could handle another sobfest. No way. But last night’s ep, “Another One Opens,” wasn’t exactly uplifting either, considering Ben made it very clear that he’s thinking about leaving Adrian. Wah! But aside from the usual Badrian drama, there was plenty other noteworthy things happening in the ep…

Click on for the recap and to tell us what you think will happen next with Ben and Adrian!

1. Grace is still in Zimbabwe with her step dad, but she and Adrian have a very heartfelt video chat. Grace tells her that it’s ok to be sad but that she just needs time to heal, and Adrian appreciates that someone actually said it’s ok for her to be sad. Grace also video chatted with her mom and found out that Tom’s girlfriend and kids are moving into the guest house, which means Jack is moving into Tom’s room, which is next to Grace’s. Uh oh.
2. Leo tells Betty that Camille, his assistant, quit, so Betty offers to help by working for him, to which Leo said absolutely not. And Betty also offered to help by going over to talk to Adrian to try to cheer her up, which actually worked, since Adrian cracked her first smile in a while when Betty went over. Which is weird because Betty was telling her how fat and ugly she looked. Whatever works, we guess?
3. George has a hard time accepting the fact that Amy and John have moved in with Ricky, and Ricky has a hard time accepting the fact that Amy told Adrian that they’re moving in together. But he quickly stops being mad at her for telling and then they go back to being cute and coupley and having sex. Ok then.
4. Meanwhile, Ben and Ricky have a man-to-man chat, where Ben admits he’s not happy Amy and Ricky live together and even less happy that Amy told Adrian. And speaking of being unhappy, Ben admits to Ricky that he wants to leave Adrian and wants out of the marriage, but Ricky tells him to stick it out like he did. Except somehow we don’t think that’s going to happen…
5. Because not only did Ben admit to Alice and Henry that he wants out, but Adrian also admitted to Betty that she feels Ben will leave her. So, let’s get to this week’s question…

Will Ben really leave Adrian, or is he just really overwhelmed right now? Is he better off getting a divorce or sticking it out? And do you think if they do break up, Ricky will feel bad for Adrian and go back to sleeping with her? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to vote below!